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Diagram Generation


We are currently in the process of migrating from PlantUML to Mermaid for our diagram generation. This will remove the external dependency on PlantUML and offer a better user experience. Diagram generation with Mermaid is currently supported for integration diagrams and sequence diagrams only. For more details, check out sysl diagram.

Sysl lets you generate various diagrams from your specifications so that you can visualise your design as it evolves. These capabilities become more and more valuable as your project grows to include multiple services and complex dependencies.

Integration Diagrams#

Integration diagrams shows you which applications which make up your architecture and how they interact with each other.

Integration diagram

For more details, refer to Integration Diagram

Sequence Diagrams#

Sequence diagrams show how a call to an endpoint propagates through your system.

Sequence Diagram

For more details, refer to Sequence Diagram

Data Model Diagrams#

Data Model Diagrams show the relationship between your data types.

Data Model diagram

For details on the command, refer to Datamodel Diagram