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Command Documentation

$ sysl helpusage: sysl [<flags>] <command> [<args> ...]
System Modelling Language Toolkit
Optional flags:      --help        Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).      --version     Show application version.      --log="warn"  log level: [off,debug,info,warn,trace]  -v, --verbose     enable verbose logging      --root=ROOT   sysl root directory for input model file. If root is not found, the module directory becomes the root, but the module can not import with absolute paths (or imports                    must be relative).
Commands:  help [<command>...]    Show help.
  codegen --transform=TRANSFORM --grammar=GRAMMAR [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate code
  datamodel [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate data models
  diagram [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate mermaid diagrams
  env    Print sysl environment information.
  export [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Export sysl to external types. Supported types: Swagger,openapi2,openapi3
  generate-db-scripts [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate db script
  generate-db-scripts-delta [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate delta db scripts
  import --input=INPUT --app-name=APP-NAME [<flags>]    Import foreign type to sysl. Supported types: [grammar, openapi, swagger, xsd]
  info    Show binary information
  integrations [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate integrations
  mod init [<name>]    initializes and writes a new go.mod to the current directory
  protobuf [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate textpb/json
  repl    Enter a sysl REPL
  sd [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate Sequence Diagram
  template --template=TEMPLATE --start=START [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Apply a model to a template for custom text output
  test-rig --template=TEMPLATE [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Generate test rig
  ui [<flags>] <MODULE>...    Starts the Sysl UI which displays a visual view of Apps defined in the sysl model.
  validate <MODULE>...    Validate the sysl file

Environment Variables#

Several commands require environment variables to be set before they are able to correctly work.


URL of PlantUML server. Sysl depends upon PlantUML for diagram generation.

export SYSL_MODULES=on

Whether the sysl modules is enabled. Enable by default, set to "off" to disable sysl modules.


Cache location in current directory, defaults to "sysl-modules" if SYSL_MODULES is enabled


Proxy service to use, won't use SYSL_PROXY if not set


Setting SYSL_TOKENS with tokens (e.g. GitHub personal access token) for sysl to import specifications from private source via token.

export SYSL_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY="/ssh/private/key/filepath"export SYSL_SSH_PASSPHRASE="abcdef"

Setting SYSL_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY with filepath to your SSH private key for sysl to import specifications from private source via SSH.

For more details, refer to Installation doc