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Sequence Diagram


We are currently in the process of migrating from PlantUML to Mermaid for our diagram generation. This will remove the external dependency on PlantUML and offer a better user experience. Diagram generation with mermaid is currently supported for integration diagrams and sequence diagrams only. For more details, check out sysl diagram


This command requires the SYSL_PLANTUML environment variable to be set or passed in as a flag. Follow the instructions here for more details

sysl sd lets you generate a sequence diagram originating from a single endpoint.

Applications are rendered with shapes based on their tags:

  • ~db: "database" (vertical cylinder)
  • ~file: "collections" (multiple boxes)
  • ~topic: "queue" (horizontal cylinder)
  • ~human: "actor" (stick figure)
  • ~ui: "boundary"
Sequence diagram


usage: sysl sd [<flags>] <MODULE>...

Output Formats#

The output file format can be specified via the extension passed into the -o flag. Valid formats include .svg, .png, .uml, .puml, .plantuml, .html or .link

Required Flags#

  • -s, --endpoint=ENDPOINT ...Include endpoint in sequence diagram
  • -a, --app=APP ...Include all endpoints for app in sequence diagram (currently only works with templated --output). Use SYSL_SD_FILTERS env (a comma-list of shell globs) to limit the diagrams generated

Optional Flags#

Optional flags:

  • --endpoint_format="%(epname)" Specify the format string for sequence diagram endpoints. May include %(epname), %(eplongname) and %(@foo) for attribute foo (default: %(epname))
  • --app_format="%(appname)"Specify the format string for sequence diagram participants. May include %%(appname) and %%(@foo) for attribute foo (default: %(appname))
  • -t, --title=TITLEdiagram title
  • -p, --plantuml=PLANTUMLbase url of PlantUML server (default: SYSL_PLANTUML or http://localhost:8080/plantuml see for more info)
  • -o, --output="%(epname).png"output file (default: %(epname).png)
  • -b, --blackbox=BLACKBOX ...Input blackboxes in the format App <- Endpoint=Some description, repeat '-b App <- Endpoint=Some description' to set multiple blackboxes
  • -g, --groupby=GROUPBYEnter the groupby attribute (apps having the same attribute value are grouped together in one box

More common optional flags Diagram format arguments


Args: <MODULE> Input sysl file that contains the system specifications. e.g simple.sysl. The .sysl file type is optional.


Simple Sequence Diagram#

Command line

sysl sd -s "GroceryStore <- POST /checkout" GroceryStore.sysl -o checkout.png
Input Sysl file: GroceryStore.sysl
GroceryStore:    /checkout:        POST?payment_info=string:            Payment <- POST /validate            Payment <- POST /pay            | Checks out the specified cart            return ok <: string
Payment:    /validate:        POST?payment_info=string:            | Validates payment information            return 200 <: string
    /pay:        POST:            | Processes a payment            return ok <: string
Sequence diagram