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A Statement describes some behavior of an Endpoint.


Statements are nested under an Endpoint or another parent Statement. There are quite a few kinds of Statement to capture different kinds of behavior:

  • Action: Just some plain text describing something, like validate input.
  • Call: A call to an Endpoint of an Application (. for same, or the name of another).
    • Used to generate diagrams with interactions between Applications (e.g. integration and sequence diagrams).
  • Cond: A conditional branch (if something, else if something, else).
    • The if and else keywords are case-insensitive.
  • Loop:
  • LoopN:
  • Foreach:
  • Alt:
  • Group: A collection of child Statements.
  • Return: The return of a status and value from the Endpoint (return status <: Type).


Statements:    IfStmt:        if predicate1:            # more statements            return ok <: string        else if predicate2:            # more statements            . <- IfStmt        else:            # more statements            ...
    Loops:        alt predicate:            # more statements            ...        until predicate:            # more statements            ...        for each predicate:            # more statements            ...        for predicate:            # more statements            ...        loop predicate:            # more statements            ...        while predicate:            # more statements            ...
    Returns:        return ok <: string        return ok <: Types.Type        return error <: Types.Type
    Calls:        # self call        . <- Returns
        # Rest endpoint call        RestEndpoint <- GET /param
    OneOfStatements:        one of:            case1:                # more statements                return ok <: string            case number 2:                # more statements                return ok <: int            "case 3":                # more statements                return ok <: Types.Type            :                return error <: string
    GroupStatements:        grouped:            # more statements            . <- GroupStatements
    Annotations:        @annotation1 = "you can do string annotation like this"        @annotation2 = ["or", "in", "an", "array"]        @annotation3 =:            | you can also do            | multiline annotations            | like this
    AnnotatedStatements:        . <- Miscellanous [annotation="annotation can be added for any statement as a string"]        return ok <: string [annotation=["as", "an", "array"]]        "statement" [annotation=[["or", "as", "an"], ["array", "of", "arrays"]]]
    Miscellanous:        | you can add comments like this        "string statements"        SimpleEndpoint -> SimpleEp # TODO: what's this for?

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