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Primitive types are simple Types that are built into Sysl. The !type declaration can be used to create user-defined Types, composed of Primitives and other user-defined Types.

The basic, fairly self-explanatory Primitives are as follows:

  • any
  • int
  • float
  • decimal
  • string
  • bytes
  • date
  • datetime

There are also some more specialized, constrained versions of these Primitives:

  • int32: int with bit width 32
  • int64: int with bit width 64
  • float32: float with bit width 32
  • float64: float with bit width 64
  • decimal(p.s): decimal with precision p and scale s (e.g. decimal(5.2))
  • string(max): string with maximum length (e.g. string(100))
  • string(min..max): string with minimum and maximum lengths (e.g. string(10..12))
  • xml: an XML string

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