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Engineer Use Cases

Doc Reference:

  • ./examples/gen/codegen
  • api-catalog
  • sysl-go
  • sysl-template

As an Engineer#

As an engineer, you've gotten over the initial excitement of building REST/gRPC applications and you find your job becoming repetitive, every task seems to be to expose this endpoint, or wire this frontend application to this service. Your time is spent between writing boilerplate code and constantly trying to keep documentation up to date. What if it didn't have to be this way?

Sysl can let you reclaim your time by generating your boilerplate code, as well as your documentation so that you can focus on what you like doing most: building awesome applications!

Get Started#

Scenario 1 - Generate REST/gRPC server-side code#

You are a backend engineer.

Approach for Scenario 1#

Sysl in action

Scenario 2 - Generate REST/gRPC server-side and client-side code#

Approach for Scenario 2#

Sysl in action

Scenario 3 - Generate REST/gRPC server-side and client-side code with downstream services#

Approach for Scenario 3#

Sysl in action

Scenario 4 - Generate API Documentation#

Approach for Scenario 4#

Sysl in action

Be an expert#