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Sysl Catalog CLI Reference

sysl-catalog is a standalone CLI tool that allows you to generate documentation from your Sysl specifications. It currently supports the following output formats:

To install it, follow the instructions here

Example Commands#

Output default Markdown#

sysl-catalog -o=docs/ filename.sysl

Output default HTML#

sysl-catalog -o=docs/ --type=html filename.sysl

Run with custom templates#

sysl-catalog --templates=<filename1.tmpl>,<filename2.tmpl> filename.sysl

With this the first template will be executed first, then the second

Run in server mode#

sysl-catalog comes with a serve mode which will serve on port :6900 by default

sysl-catalog --serve <input.sysl>

This will start a server and filewatchers to watch the input file and its directories recursively, and any changes will automatically update.

server mode

Generate ReDoc files#

sysl-catalog --redoc filename.sysl

This generates a ReDoc page that serves the original JSON or YAML OpenAPI spec on GitHub. It currently only supports spec files located in the same repo, and must be run in a Git repo (so that the remote URL can be retrieved using git).

Run in server mode without css/rendered images#

sysl-catalog --serve --noCSS filename.sysl

This is useful for rendering raw markdown

server mode raw

Run server with custom template#

sysl-catalog --serve --templates=<filename1.tmpl>,<filename2.tmpl> filename.sysl
server mode custom