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Sysl Catalog CLI Reference


This command requires the SYSL_PLANTUML environment variable to be set or passed in as a flag. Follow the PlantUML instructions for more details.


sysl-catalog is a standalone CLI tool that allows you to generate documentation from your Sysl specifications. It currently supports the following output formats:


usage: sysl-catalog [<flags>] <input>


  • <input> Input sysl file to generate documentation for

Optional Flags#

  • --help Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  • --plantuml=PLANTUML PlantUML service to use
  • -p, --port=":6900" Port to serve on
  • --type="markdown" Type of output. Supported Formats: (markdown|html)
  • -o, --output=OUTPUT Output directory to generate to
  • -v, --verbose Verbose logs
  • --templates=TEMPLATES Custom templates to use, separated by a comma
  • --outputFileName="" Output file name for pages; {{.Title}}
  • --serve Start an HTTP server and preview documentation
  • --noCSS Disable adding CSS to served HTML
  • --disableLiveReload Disable live reload
  • --noImages Disable images creation
  • --embed Embed images instead of creating SVGs
  • --mermaid Use Mermaid diagrams where possible (not currently supported)
  • --redoc Generate ReDoc for specs imported from OpenAPI. Must be run on a Git repo.
  • --imageDest=IMAGEDEST Optional image directory destination (can be outside output)


To see an example of a sysl file used to generate documentation, refer to demo.sysl

  1. @package attribute must be specified:

Currently the package name is not inferred from the application name (MobileApp), so this needs to be added (ApplicationPackage).

MobileApp:    @package = "ApplicationPackage"    Login(input <: Server.Request):        Server <- Authenticate        return ok <: MegaDatabase.Empty
  1. Application names might need to be prefixed to parameter types if the type is defined in another application, since defined parameters are under scope of the application it is defined in:
MobileApp:    @package = "ApplicationPackage"+    Login(input <: Server.Request):-    Login(input <: Request):        Server <- Authenticate        return ok <: MegaDatabase.Empty
  1. Add ~ignore to applications/projects that are to be ignored in the Markdown creation:
ThisAppShouldntShow[~ignore]:    NotMySystem:        ...# Or ignore only specific endpointsThisAppShouldShow:    NotMySystem[~ignore]:        ...



On macOS, if your launchctl limit maxfiles setting is too low (e.g 256) you might see the error message "too many open files" when running make.

You can set the current session limit higher with:

sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 65536 200000

And add the following line to your .bash_profile or analogous file:

ulimit -n 65536 200000